We’re excited to introduce the new Speedweaver V5 - The most cost effective online tuning platform available!

Apply Stage 1 / Stage 2 templates to your project for €10* each with Add-ons at €5* each. Or you can manually tune yourself using our online map editor.

  • Improved map pack definitions using OE Codewords (Up to 90,000 individual maps per project).
  • New families added such as Siemens PCR2.1, SID211, & SID209.
  • New DPF / EGR patch solutions via OE Switches and Bypass Labels.
  • New patch solutions for Overrun Crackles, Catalyst Monitoring etc.
  • New Codewords groupings under colour coded ECU functions.
  • New DTC editor functions available on certain families (growing daily).
  • Faster deployment of new ECU types and wizards by reworked datasets.
  • New price plan for editor access at just €14.95* / month.

With lower overheads we can offer our customers greater value. Our compatibility list is updated at least every other day with newer supported vehicles.

This is our best deal we have ever offered our customers.