New Releases (4)

Compatibility for these families has been added to the system meaning you can now open and tune them in our online file editor. We are working to finalise our automated tuning support for them in the next two weeks.

  • BMW/Bosch/MEVD17.2.6
  • BMW/Bosch/MEVD17.2.G/N55
  • GM/Bosch/EDC16C9
  • GM/Bosch/ME7.6.2

Updates & Fixes (7)

Throughout the week the following families have been updated or fixed:

  • BMW/Bosch/EDC16C35
  • BMW/Bosch/MEVD17.2.6
  • BMW/Bosch/MG1CS003
  • VAG/Bosch/EDC16U1
  • VAG/Bosch/EDC17C46
  • VAG/Bosch/MED9.1
  • VAG/Siemens/Simos18.x

You can view the full breakdown of vehicles we support on our Compatibility List.

If there's a specific family you'd like to see added please don't hesitate to raise a support ticket to request it. The most popular requests are prioritised for future releases in the coming weeks.