It's quick and easy to get started creating data logs with the Diagnostics App. You can track up to 10 vehicle parameters with high refresh rates on the live dashboard and record them as data logs to review later in our browser log viewer.

Ensure Dongle is Connected to The App

For more information on how to connect OBD devices to the App, please see Guide to OBD Diagnostic Devices and Connection

Start a Data Log

From the home screen of the App, navigate to OBD Tools -> New Datalog. You will see a menu for starting the data log where you can set:

  • Name - The name by which you'll be able to find your log in the app or in your user dashboard in the browser.
  • GPS Tracking - Whether you want to capture GPS data with your logs. This will allow you to see your data points on a map in the log viewer in the app or in the browser.
  • Show Live Dashboard - Whether you want to see the Live Dashboard while recording. This allows you to monitor the data as it's being recorded. Please note this may decrease the data sample rate on older devices.
  • Dyno Sync - Used to add a trigger parameter to start the log eg: Start the log after 3000RPM

You can choose to do the data log with parameters from a parameter group or choose parameters in this menu, but bear in mind that only parameter groups are saved for you to use in another log. If you don't use parameter groups, you have to specify the parameters you want individually every time you do a log.

After you're happy with your setup, you can tap Create in the top right corner.

You're ready to tap Start Log! When you're finished tap the button again. The logs will now be available for you to view in the app and in the browser viewer which you can access from your User Dashboard.