In this week's update we've deployed a wide range of fixes to 16 families. The updated families can be found below but you can also view the full breakdown of vehicles supported on our Compatibility List.

Updates & Fixes (16)

Throughout the week the following families have been updated or fixed:

  • BMW/Bosch/EDC16C31
  • BMW/Bosch/EDC16C35
  • BMW/Bosch/EDC17CP02
  • BMW/Bosch/MEVD17.2.G/S55
  • BMW/Bosch/MEVD17.2.X
  • BMW/Bosch/MG1CS003
  • FORD/Bosch/ME9.0C
  • VAG/Bosch/EDC16CP34
  • VAG/Bosch/EDC16U1
  • VAG/Bosch/EDC16U31-U34
  • VAG/Bosch/EDC17C46
  • VAG/Bosch/EDC17CP14
  • VAG/Bosch/EDC17CP20
  • VAG/Bosch/ME7.5
  • VAG/Bosch/MED17.5.5
  • VAG/Bosch/MED17.5

If there's a specific family you'd like to see added please don't hesitate to raise a support ticket to request it. The most popular requests are prioritised for future releases in the coming weeks.