Check Our Compatibility List

Before you upload your first project we recommend that you review our Compatibility List to make sure that your file is supported. You can search by vehicle make and model as well as by ECU protocol.

Our engineers are constantly adding new vehicles and ECUs so it's a good idea to review the list regularly. You can find updates of new releases on our Facebook Page and in the News Section on our website.

Upload your Binary File

Speedweaver currently accepts unwrapped binary files from most popular master tools. The team is working to add slave tool support in the future.

We recommend Alientech, Autotuner, bFlash, CMD, Dimsport and Magic Motorsport tools.

To upload your file begin by navigating to Projects in your user dashboard and click 'Create Project' in the top right-hand corner. This will open your device's file browser for you to choose your ECU's binary file.

Speedweaver will then begin processing the file which can take up to 5 minutes, but is usually done much faster.

Activate your Project

Once we've finished processing your file its status will change to "Detection Complete" and you will be able to click on it to set up the project.

The activation window lets you enter a name for the project as well as selecting a make, model, and powertrain. These details are purely for your reference and aren't used by the system.

Next Steps

Congratulations! Your first project has now been successfully activated and you're ready to start tuning.

What if my file shows "Not Supported"?

Occasionally our detection system may fail to identify or process your file. This could be because the file is invalid, too heavily modified or just isn't on the Compatibility List.

If the rejected file is on the list, it's possible that there's a gap in our compatibility for that ECU protocol. Just raise a support ticket and we'll add it in for you as soon as we can.