It has been a long journey, but Speedweaver Version 3 is now live to the public! As well as introducing new features, our Technology Teams have been hard at work rebuilding key aspects of our system to make it more robust and drastically faster. Meanwhile, our Engineering Team have developed support for a much wider range of vehicle types and ECU protocols.

Online File Editor

The Hex Viewer now displays any changes made to the file in real-time, so no more confusion over outdated information! Our Maps have been grouped and colour-coded by type, making them much more accessible and easy to find. On top of this, the entire Editor has been re-engineered to run smoother and faster than ever. All of these changes have been implemented to make for a simpler and more enjoyable user experience.

Automated Tuning Wizards

Wizards can now be applied even faster than before and we offer a significantly wider range of feature wizards for each vehicle. However, if the wizard you are looking for is not available, it is easier than ever to request new wizards from our team! Users have now been given access to an indication of performance improvements for all Stage 1 tunes.

Vehicle Compatibility

Now, we support more vehicles than we have ever done before! It is incredibly simple to search for your chosen vehicle on our improved Compatibility List - again, if you can't find what you are looking for, just ask the team. The back-end is now more intelligent, meaning that files are processed considerably faster than before.

Dedicated Support Team

We now have a dedicated Support Team. They operate six days a week which means that we are able to respond quickly and efficiently to any requests - we want to hear from you! We have also built a new Support Ticket Dashboard to help you organise your requests and review the progress of your request with the team.

Plans and Pricing

Our new pricing structure is far simpler than before. Users can either pay per project at just €25 or pay monthly at €149 - it is that simple!

Mobile & Web Diagnostics

Our mobile app has also had an upgrade. Not only have we rebuilt elements of its technology to increase its reliability, we have also implemented some exciting new features. These include Acceleration Tests, Light Mode and an improved interface. Due to an integration of our diagnostics platform with the website, you can now review datalogs from the mobile app or on our Speedweaver website.

What are you waiting for? Get started using Speedweaver Version 3 now! We hope you love it as much as we do.