We built Speedweaver as a way to bring your entire chiptuning process under one roof. We have made a range of software tools that make it easier and faster to tune cars, and we have lots more features in the works to go even further in achieving this goal!

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Since Speedweaver is always evolving we love to hear from you about what we could do to make the experience even better. Don't hesitate to open a support ticket or email us at support@speedweaver.co.uk if you ever have suggestions or questions.

Our support chat is open:

Mon-Fri 09:00-17:30GMT

Sat 09:00-14:00GMT

Automated Tuning

Unlike a traditional file service, our Automated Tuning feature uses our system to apply tunes to your file without the need for a technician. This means that you can tune any compatible file in under 90 seconds at any time of day, regardless of whether our support chat is open.

File Editor

To complement our automated tuning, we have developed an in-browser File Editor packed with useful tools to manipulate map data easily. The editor can be used to view the changes made by the automated tuning process and tweak the file further to get exactly the results you need.

The editor can also be used to tune a compatible file from stock - using the editor in this way is free! You can export as many projects as you like if the projects haven't had automated tuning applied.


Our mobile Diagnostics App can be used to run data logs with up to 10 vehicle parameters and geo-data. You can use this to review test runs of your tuning projects and make decisions for further tweaks. It also provides acceleration tests and the ability to view and clear DTCs.

There are further features in development that will allow you to benchmark your tunes' performance even better.